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I have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations, and offer a variety of services customized to fit your specific needs. Learn more about the improvements I can help you achieve, and contact me today.

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Imani Ali, TX

I sought out doula services because of the horror stories I’ve heard of how Black women are treated during labor and delivery and I’m so glad I did! From the initial contact, Shae made me feel like family while also remaining extremely professional. This was my first pregnancy and my first child so I had no clue what to expect. With that being said, Shae was comforting, reassuring, and transparent when I needed it most. Shae made herself available to me 24/7 throughout my whole pregnancy, and even after I delivered, and made me feel like myself and my baby were a priority. She prepared me for what to expect during labor and delivery but also made sure I felt empowered to give birth naturally with no pain medication and no epidural like I wanted and with her assistance I was able to do so and for that I am forever grateful! Also on top of that when I checked into the hospital after my water broke, they stuck me in an observation room for about 7 hours prior to me being moved to the maternity ward due to a shift change and Shae advocated on my behalf not only that time but continuously asked questions of the nursing staff while I was in labor and kept me and my spouse up to date on what was going on which was so appreciated. If you’re in her area, I’d definitely recommend her services. When choosing her as your doula know that you’re not only getting her services you’re going to be made to feel powerful, fearless, and reassured knowing you have her at your side. I had a wonderful pregnancy experience and I contribute a lot of those feelings to having Shae in my corner.

Keishlan Williams, TX

Shae was THE BEST support I could've ever asked for!! From the very beginning she stayed in constant communication, answered all of our questions, and was EXTREMELY knowledgeable on everything we had concerns and questions about! To say she lives over an hour away, she made it to the hospital before my doctor did! Lol When I just wanted to give up she made me feel like superwoman with all of her encouragement and support during the birthing process and made me beyond proud of myself! She had my favorite music playing the whole time and made sure my desires were met and that I was as comfortable as possible (I think she should add masseuse to her title lol)! Thank you soooooo much Shae! We will be hiring you for our next birthing experience (and I say experience because WE HAD SOOO MUCH FUN to say I was in labor!!! Lol)! You're stuck with us now so be ready! :)

Rachel, TX

I could tell immediately upon meeting Shae that I liked her. She was very warm and supportive, and she helped me gain clarity on my situation. Shae maintained a positive outlook. She shared about her own experiences with pregnancy which made me feel open to being honest with my details back to her. That reciprocality felt good. Shae is kind and memorable. She provided moral support that I really needed. I would recommend her for your pregnancy journey. 
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