Birthing in Unison

Working With A Doula

There are many benefits to hiring a doula for your birthing experience. Doulas provide emotional support, physical support, and partner support during the birthing process. Emotional support can help in easing stress during the time of making educated medical decisions for the successful arrival of your baby. Physical support during laboring by providing comforting massages, breathing techniques, and assisting with positions to help labor progress. Doulas also provide partner support. No matter who attends the birth be it a partner, friend, family members, etc. everyone involved will receive the support they need to be as involved as they like. Having a strong support system makes a big difference in the birthing experience.


About Me

Hello, my name is Shamare (she/her) the Owner and Operator of “Alluring Array Doula Services by Shae”. My passion as a birth worker came shortly after the birth of my twins 20 years ago. My own personal birth experiences, as well as the reality of health disparities and maternal health outcomes for black mothers, drives my passion for birth work. I want mothers to believe that they can give birth in whatever way they would like without any doubts. I wholeheartedly believe that EVERYONE deserves a doula and should have access to support and education throughout their pregnancy and birth.
I am a birth doula, birth photographer, postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, and childbirth educator serving out of the Houston/Austin TX area. I also offer many other services to aid in the recovery of the body postpartum.